November 27, 2011

Join Rotary 5170

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Join Rotary 5170

  Rotary "Pre-Membership" & Info Website

  Club Location Finder with Google Map

  Each Location Has it's Own Data & Web Link

  "Conversion" Site for Billboard, Press, & Radio Membership Campaign



You see their iconic Rotary wheel posted at the “welcome to” sign, in most cities you drive through. The Rotary name can also be seen on many buildings, community service projects, and in the press for things like high school scholarship programs and other charitable causes. Bill Gates gave Rotary $355 million to help them put an end to Polio worldwide. But just who is Rotary, what do they do, and how can a person get involved?

The new Rotary District 5170 membership website answers all of those questions. Purposed as a landing website for a large billboard, press, radio, & web banner campaign it gives the curious or interested viewer all the tools he or she needs to find out what Rotary does and how he or she can join.

One of the things that makes the website unique is the club location finder. A viewer can search for a club by entering in their zip code, by choosing their city from a drop down list, by keyword, or by clicking on a location marker on the Google map. Once a club has been chosen the system displays all of the club specifics like name, address, meeting day and time, and gives a link to that club’s own website. The viewer can also create their own set of directions from the map dialogue.

If you are curious about Rotary check out their new website to learn more. If you want to make a positive difference in your local community and in the world abroad while enjoying the fellowship of business and community leaders, attend a meeting near you today and see how you can get involved. Tree Top Web Design is also proud to be listed under Santa Cruz Web Design in the Rotary District 5170 services directory.

Ross McClenahan

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