June 12, 2011

Long Marine Lab Stranding Network

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Long Marine Lab Stranding Network

LML UCSC Stranding Network


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The Long Marine Lab Stranding Network is the organization responsible for responding to stranded marine mammals that come ashore in Santa Cruz County. With approximately 35 miles of coastline under their jurisdiction, Long Marine Lab Stranding Network volunteers collect basic data about species, sex, and whether or not there are any signs of human interaction.

The goal was to create a website with a public front end containing educational information as well as instructions on how to report a stranded animal and pair that with a secured password protected area for stranding volunteers. Each volunteer needed to have the ability to update their schedule of availability and pertinent contact information.

The new Long Marine Lab Stranding Network website now allows the Stranding Coordinator to organize over 30 volunteers by allowing this person access to each volunteer’s schedule of availability and contact information. When a stranded marine mammal is reported, the Stranding Coordinator sends an email from the administrative panel of the website to all volunteers whose schedule of availability matches the reported date and time. The volunteers respond directly to the email and a team is dispatched to the stranded animal’s location.

Under the password protected site, volunteers can also access training information and recent case reports to continue to improve their response skills.

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