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Anderson Behel Body Shop


  Focusing on Services & Reviews

  Landing Page for Review Sites

  Online Estimate Form

  SEO for Very Competitive Industry



Anderson Behel Body Shop stands out when it comes to quality collision repair. Their customer service, quality craftsmanship, cutting edge equipment, and shop staff really make them stand out among their competition and they needed their website to do the same. Tree Top Web Design worked with our San Jose web design client and helped create a new site that showcases their services, displays client testimonials, and encourages customers to write online reviews. The website has also been fully optimized to catch more search engine traffic.


Join Rotary 5170


  Rotary "Pre-Membership" & Info Website

  Club Location Finder with Google Map

  Each Location Has it's Own Data & Web Link

  "Conversion" Site for Billboard, Press, & Radio Membership Campaign



You see their iconic Rotary wheel posted at the “welcome to” sign, in most cities you drive through. The Rotary name can also be seen on many buildings, community service projects, and in the press for things like high school scholarship programs and other charitable causes. Bill Gates gave Rotary $355 million to help them put an end to Polio worldwide. But just who is Rotary, what do they do, and how can a person get involved?




  Kids Play Facility & Arcade

  Promoting Birthday Party and Event Packages

  Spanish Translation of Entire Website

  Social Media Integration with Auto-Propagation



Our most recent website launch features bounzCity, a business that provides hours of bouncing fun (and exercise!) as well as a full arcade for kids at the Eastridge Shopping Center in San Jose, CA. Using the bounzCity cityscape logo for inspiration, we strove to bring some whimsy and fun to an easy to use, functional site.