October 10, 2012

Waves University LMS

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Waves University

Waves University LMS


  LMS (Learning Management System)

  Subscription Fee Based Model

  Video Courses with Integrated Quizzes

  Certificate of Completion via Email



WAVES University and Santa Cruz web design partner Tree Top Web Design have created and developed a unique subscription fee based Learning Management System (LMS) for the teenage and youth workforce training industry. The program consists of a 30 minute interactive & mobile friendly video followed by a comprehension test with randomized questions. Successful students who participate in the video and pass the test receive a certificate of completion that can be printed or sent via email to the student. The program is aimed at employers who wish to offer their current or prospective employees basic customer service skills training.

Here's how it works:

skills-itemAn employer (or student) purchases a WAVES University Admissions Access Card that has a unique code imprinted on the front which is delivered via email. The student then registers for the program using his or her access code that has been provided by the employer. Upon registering, the student has 7 days to complete the course. The student views and participates in the 30 minute interactive video after which he or she takes a 20 question randomized test. Upon achieving 100% score on the test, a certificate of completion can then be printed and/or emailed to the student.

What makes this different from other LMS solutions are the following:

  The LMS is owned by the client with 100% branding

  No per student fees are paid to a third party vendor

  Subscription fees are collected online via the client’s gateway (Authorize.net/ PayPal)

  Unlimited number of students & training courses possible

  One-time investment, no ongoing subscription fees are paid to a third party vendor

We are very excited to have been selected as WAVES University’s Santa Cruz web design partner for this unique LMS project. They are an expert in teen and youth workforce training and have worked with many of the top amusement and theme parks across the county and around the world. Start you class at WAVES University today!

Ross McClenahan

Ross McClenahan is co-owner and Lead Developer at Tree Top Web Design, a Santa Cruz Web Design firm.

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